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Improving Impact: 0-3 paid staff

Helping smaller charities highlight change

Tip 1: Keep it simple

Measuring impact doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. For example, Home-Start Slough ask volunteers to gather evidence and feedback on each of their visits as part of their duties. This helps highlight the difference they make to beneficiaries.

Tip 2: Bring stories to life

Qualitative data is useful for bringing alive the real-life stories behind the stats. For instance, The Arch-Way Project captured a quote that revealed the value of their events to an 84-year-old woman: “The highlight of my week was getting my hair done because I looked forward to chatting to the hairdresser. Now I have a reason to get my hair done.”

Tip 3: Listen to service-users

Successful organisations make sure that service users shape the direction of the organisation. The board behind Thornham Village Hall makes sure what they offer directly responds to the community’s needs – taking in everything from a kids’ club to ballroom dancing.


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