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Improving Impact: 4-25 staff

Making more of a difference to people’s lives

Tip 1: Give service users a voice

Your service users are an amazing resource for improving impact. Jigsaw4u connected with a panel of young service users to get their perspective on what the charity should focus on, with impressive results.

Tip 2: Track everything back to impact

Make impact a tangible part of all that you do. For example, Sport 4 Life UK created an Impact Log which was shared with trustees at every board meeting. This helped the charity maintain a strong focus on impact, and ensured strategy was always front of mind.

Tip 3: Prove and improve

Your data isn’t just essential to prove your impact to funders – it can actively improve the way you work too. Analysing and responding to feedback is a great tool to change the way you run services to make them better for more people.


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