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Managing Turnaround

Helping charities face tough challenges

Tip 1: Put beneficiaries first

Successful turnaround strategies always have the charity’s service users at their heart. Autism Together focused on beneficiaries’ needs as a guide to help steer the organisation through tough financial times – so don’t overlook the people that matter most.

Tip 2: Choose long-term solutions

For charities in trouble, quick fixes can be tempting. But to secure a sustainable future it’s much more important to focus on a carefully researched long-term strategy. To achieve this, The Brain Charity invested in marketing and fundraising staff to grow awareness of their work.

Tip 3: Renew your purpose

What is your charity there for? Re-discovering your sense of purpose can power you through difficult challenges and give staff a strong vision to rally behind. For example, when St John’s Hospice faced difficult decisions they ensured that the charity’s purpose was front and centre in their choices.


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