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2018 Winners | Jigsaw4U

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Winner – Improving Impact – charities with 4-25 paid staff


Who they are

Jigsaw4u is a south west London-based children’s charity working with children and young people affected by significant social and emotional issues and bereavement.

What they’ve achieved

Jigsaw4u’s inspirational and ambitious approach helped a growing number of disadvantaged children across Surrey and South West London put the pieces of their lives back together.

Back in 2012, trustees decided to take decisive action in the face of financial challenges. Together they reviewed the charity’s services and developed a mission statement staff could get behind, plus a business plan with ambitious targets.

The board ensured staff were consulted every step of the way, and that they remained committed to essential work in the community.

Why they are a winner

This fresh strategy energised Jigsaw4u and drove the charity to deliver better services to more people. For example, the number of children and young people supported today has almost doubled since 2011.

Effectively measuring impact against clear targets is the cornerstone of the charity’s work. Project workers employ a simple-to-use Outcomes Star system, plus feedback from users, families and professionals to provide evidence of success.

The system has enabled Jigsaw4u to effectively measure impressive impact. For instance, through the Home School Links service, which supports primary school children, staff delivered 5,627 one-to-one sessions in 2017. This resulted in better outcomes for 100% of the children involved.

As well as seeking more active links with local and national businesses, the board also invites children to shape the services. This has helped the charity design more constructive and engaging activities, from trips to the seaside to football matches and theatre visits.

What the judges said

“Jigsaw4u was a run-away winner because it moved beyond the notions of partnership working and made strides in collaborative working, innovative ways of doing things (thereby demonstrating creativity), and showed what can be achieved through real engagement.”


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