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2017 Shortlist | Raise the Roof Kenya

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Raise the Roof Kenya

Shortlist – Embracing Digital


Who they are

Raise the Roof (RTR) is a charity working with a community-led approach to development in partnership with local governments, communities, corporate partners and NGOs.

What they’ve achieved

RTR has harnessed accessible digital technology to connect board members with projects across the world and create more personal relationships with the communities it works with.

Digital solutions like WhatsApp, Twitter and Basecamp have “rejuvenated” the way RTR operates. Using low-cost smart technology frees more funds for vital projects while allowing this small, grassroots charity to make fast, yet informed, decisions on the ground.

At RTR, digital has a clear impact not just on governance – people at a grassroots level also benefit from digital engagement.

The organisation has embedded digital platforms including WhatsApp, appear.in, Basecamp and Twitter across its work. This move has generated financial savings and the opportunity to expand and enhance RTR projects.

RTR believes that the use of digital has revitalised governance by giving local teams greater representation at board level. The judges were incredibly impressed by how the board embraced digital through the use of Digital Champions to up-skill board members with Skype and one-to-one sessions. It has also engaged a digital technology specialist. The judges felt the cohesive use of off-the-shelf digital platforms was inspirational.


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