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2017 Shortlist | St. Peters Community Wellbeing Projects

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St. Peters Community Wellbeing Projects

Winner – Improving Impact – charities with 0-3 paid staff


Who they are

St Peters Community Wellbeing Projects is a user-led, grassroots charity supporting some of the most disadvantaged people in the Bethnal Green area of Tower Hamlets and Hackney, particularly BAME women, their families and the elderly.

To achieve its aims the charity organises free activities including exercise classes, information communication technology sessions, healthy cooking clubs and community gardening therapy. Community volunteers are central to delivering each session.

The judges felt that the charity’s model is well thought through and is driven by a
mission to achieve impact for the community.

What they’ve achieved

The panel were particularly impressed by the charity’s impact-driven governance culture. St Peters Community Wellbeing Projects can demonstrate evidence of improved physical and mental health, social wellbeing and community cohesion among service users.

It has shown that 92% of elderly or vulnerable BAME women have reported a reduction in isolation and loneliness, plus increased community participation, after attending drop-in activities. The charity also highlights a dramatic increase in people self-reporting that they are actively applying for higher education after Study Support

Trustees have created a Users’ Steering Group, made up of community service users and volunteers, who meet regularly to suggest improvements to the organisation. And after feedback showed that volunteering had a positive
impact on confidence, satisfaction and engagement, the board introduced volunteering opportunities into every

Why they’re a winner

It’s clear that St Peters Community Wellbeing Projects sees governance as crucial to achieving impact, harnessing smart use of available resources and achieving sustainability.

The board have made a clear commitment to receiving effective feedback from service users, and made changes to activities as a result. Judges were also very impressed by the charity’s attitude to collaboration.

For the judges, this “can do” attitude to measuring impact, and use of user feedback, really set St Peters Community Wellbeing Projects apart.

Hear from St Peters Community Wellbeing Projects about their entry

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