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Embracing Digital

Harnessing online tools to change lives

Tip 1: Make digital everyone’s responsibility

Finances are your treasurer’s key responsibility, but all trustees need to understand the balance sheet. It’s the same with digital – make sure the whole board understands its value, and your strategy. At Bliss the board drove digital transformation, recruiting the right expertise where required.

Tip 2: Encourage innovation

Hestia’s board fully supported the executive team to create an innovative app that had never been seen before. Give talented people space to innovate and let them know it’s OK to fail, as long as the right risk management process is in place.

Tip 3: Improve your operations

Embracing digital isn’t always about improving the experience for service users – you can use it to enhance your operations too. For example, NAVCA used tech-assisted remote working to reduce overheads and boost efficiency.


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