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2017 Shortlist | Prisoners’ Education Trust

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Prisoners’ Education Trust

Winner – Improving Impact – charities with 4-25 paid staff



Who they are

PET provides men and women in prison with access to over 200 distance learning courses and related advice and guidance, enabling them to lead more fulfilling lives and to contribute positively to society on release. As well as providing distance learning, PET also champions prison education and informs the public, parliament and
the media about the benefits of rehabilitation through learning.

What they’ve achieved

Prisoners’ Education Trust impressed the panel with the clear evidence of its increased impact – not only from programmes but also from policy work.

From 2013 to 2016, as part of a three-year strategy, PET provided distance learning courses, advice and guidance to 8,570 prisoners – a 40% increase across the period. PET submitted data to the Ministry of Justice’s Justice Data Lab which provided high quality evidence on how distance learning reduces re-offending by over a quarter.

On the policy side, PET’s chair leads the Prisoner Learning Alliance (PLA). Founded by PET, the PLA is an alliance of 23 organisations which all believe in the rehabilitative role of education in prisons. PLA provided a briefing document on prison education to MPs and its chair participated in the recent Coates review of prison education. 80% of recommendations made by the PLA are reflected in the review’s recommendations.

Why they’re a winner

The board and executive of Prisoners’ Education Trust are committed to learning from evidence and using it to inform decisions to improve impact.

They understand the need to build an evidence base to inform future decisions and continue to resource this area. The board also displays good practice through regular skills audits and they plan to bring more expert voices to the board, including an ex-prisoner learner.


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