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2017 Winners | Step by Step

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Step by Step

Winner – Improving Impact – charities with 26+ paid staff


Who they are

Step by Step delivers highly effective outcomes for young people experiencing, or at risk of, homelessness.

What they’ve achieved

Five years ago Step by Step was a locally-focused charity based in Aldershot. Supported by an ambitious board, it made the decision to expand from its base and serve young people across five counties. This growth strategy has enabled it to help many more people – since 2011 the number of beneficiaries has risen by 450%.

Feedback from commissioners is positive, leading to contract extensions and encouragement to put forward innovative proposals. More personally, letters and feedback from clients and family members also confirm direct impact.

In addition, Step by Step’s board commissioned a Social Return on Investment Impact report which highlights a social return of £5.60 for every pound invested.

Why they’re a winner

The board energetically supported the executive team throughout the growth process. It also invites young clients to attend board meetings, so trustees can hear their views on the service and where they would like to see improvement.

Trustees regularly visit sites and meet clients.

The judges say that the mix of qualitative and quantitative impact data the charity generates, together with its regular client contact, is hard to fault.

To support growth for the future, despite reduction in government spending, the board has appointed experts who can revise the funding model if required. With this in mind, it’s definitely not afraid to meet the challenges anticipated in the coming years. This positive ambition and aspiration, together with an evidence-based approach and clear role for governance, will ensure sustainable progress.


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